Innovators are hackers, and the first thing a hacker hacks is his own life. However, since we spend our lives navigating between dysfunctional institutions, obsolete legislation and chaotic urban spaces, hacking ones own life has somehow become a full-time job.

But what if you could outsource this job? What if you could go live and work in a place that was already hacked for you – a place designed precisely for maximal freedom, significance and pleasure? As an innovator in this situation, you could then put all your effort into solving real world problems and focusing on personal growth.

At Sui Generis, we believe that freedom and happiness are partly technical problems. If you combine the right people, culture, fiscal and legal framework, weather, urban setting and spirit of competitiveness, then magic happens...


Over the next decade, we will accelerate human evolution by building a network of city-states around the ideas of economic freedom, transhumanism, sustainability, inclusiveness and creativity.

1.Economic Symbiosis

A state willing to establish a startup city on its territory would benefit extensively from investment, job creation, long-term business opportunities or equity in the project.

2.Regulatory Competition

Low corporate taxes and optimal legal environment for workforce mobility, bio-medical research and medical tourism.

3.Startup Incubator States

More than a business friendly environment, we also act as a startup incubator by hosting entrepreneurs who have promising ideas, offering them funding, guidance, housing and extensive resources in exchange for equity.


At the moment, we have investigated the potential of the Azores (Portugal), the Kvarner Gulf (Croatia), Hiiumaa (Estonia) and the Helodrano Antongila Bay (Madagascar).

Our ventures being highly opportunity-dependent, we will consider official offers made by governments, and raise money if there is agreement. In exchange for land, host states would be offered the possibility to become equity holders.